Week of February 12-16, 2024

Monday:   Students will examine and evaluate the impact of reform movements, including educational reform, temperance, the women’s rights movement, prison reform, the labor reform movement, religious influences and care of the disabled during the 1800s.

Social Reform Movements of the 1800s

Tuesday:  Continue with Monday’s objective and activity.  (Religion, Prison and Mental Health, Temperance, Education, Women, Abolition, Transcendentalism, and Civil Disobedience. ). Review for Unit 8 Part 2:  Reform Movement Test on Wednesday. 

REFORM MOVEMENTS OF THE 1800S - ppt download

Wednesday:   DMAC Test:  Unit 8:  Reform Movement (This is part 2 of the Industrialization Era)

Thursday:   Students will complete their Reporting Category Chart for both of the Unit 8 tests.

Friday:   School Holiday.


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